Our Team

We’re more than codes and queries.

We’re veterans in higher education.


Lige Hensley

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lige Hensley is a proud alumnus of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and has spent more than 25 years creating transformational opportunities through the innovative use of technology across multiple industry sectors.

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Aldrich (2).png

Brendan Aldrich

Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Brendan Aldrich has been responsible for data modernization and innovation initiatives across several city and statewide college and university systems. His work has influenced transformative change through the design and deployment of innovative data architectures.

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Rob Emenaker

Senior Data Architect

Over twenty-three years of experience in Information Technology as a Senior Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, and Data Warehouse Architect.

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P.J. Hinton

Senior Data Scientist

P.J. Hinton is a cross-platform developer with experience coding in PHP 5, JavaScript, Python 2.7, Perl 5, SQL, XSLT, C/C++, and Mathematica on a diverse array of platforms.

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Michael Keathley

Senior Cloud Architect

More than twenty years of experience in information technology and cloud architecture, Michael has served at leading higher education institutions as well as key Inc 500 corporations.



Steve Ehrlich

Executive Advisor

A software industry veteran with over three decades of leadership experience focused on helping build a strong and sustainable tech industry in Central Indiana.



John Sheringer

Vice President of Customer Success

John Sheringer has spent the past 24+ years fulfilling his passion for helping the teams he leads and the customers he serves achieve their individual and institutional goals from the data/analytics and education technologies they so greatly depend on.

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