- Visual enrollment trends for every day
- How enrollment compares with predictive models
- Where to adjust strategy to get back on track

Enrollment numbers, Predicted



With the right data, you’ll never miss out on the important trends affecting enrollment

Higher education enrollment leaders base this year’s forecasts on historical record. These forecasts can be hit or miss, in part because they don’t take enough historical data into account - missing key clues that tell the full story.

InvokeEnrollmentTracking uncovers those clues. 

Drawing from massive amounts of data, our AI-enhanced dashboard displays amazingly accurate predictive models to give your admissions team the closest thing to a real-life crystal ball.

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Why wait until the enrollment numbers come in?

We'll show you how to intervene every single day.

  • Identify your progress to enrollment goals every single day.
  • Learn which populations are under- and overperforming.
  • Understand how today’s enrollment data compares with the predictive model.
  • Improve enrollment numbers months before census.
  • Know when to expect enrollment to trend up or down, day by day.
  • Discover exactly where to adjust your strategy so you can get back on track.

See and understand your student body trends.

 Get daily insights to respond in real-time.

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Track All Your Enrollments Visually

Visualize daily enrollment activity starting as soon as registration opens and across every day until census date. Take action when it matters most!

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Take Advantage of Real Time Predictions

Know where your enrollment is headed before anyone else! Invoke Learning’s “education focused” AI provides a visual prediction of likely enrollment throughout the rest of the registration period so you know when you need to make changes.

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Which Communities Are Trending Right Now?

Evaluate enrollment trends by student type, ethnicity, gender, and more to be sure you are allocating your resources where and when they are most needed

Invoke Learning is the solution we need now to provide us actionable insights into our enrollment, engagement, and retention initiatives.

Pete Williams, Associate VP of IT and CIO, Butler University

Secure. Holistic. Comprehensive.

Everything engagement insights should be. Only with superpower accuracy.

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It’s designed for higher education

Crafted by experienced college and university executives and a team of award-winning education technology innovators, these are the solutions designed for every higher education stakeholder: academic, financial, marketing, human resources, and more.

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It’s whole-student focused

Includes a vast array of attributes, elements, metrics, characteristics, features, and behaviors drawn from public sources to go far beyond academic data and see the whole student.

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It’s fast and comprehensive

Simple interfaces built upon some of the most advanced and robust technologies available help you eliminate analysis “rabbit holes” and focus on the data that matters.

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It’s designed for anonymity

Analyze thousands of data elements to identify relevant cohorts and understand student behaviors without requiring the use of ANY personally identifiable information. None.

How effective are enrollment efforts when you know what to expect?


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